Thursday, October 25, 2012

Self Esteem

Photo from Photos by MJ
As a family we have taken time to play a few kickball games together in recent months. Bonding is easy when cousins, aunts and uncles along with us, the grandma and grandpa, join in a shared activity. Cheering each other on, we enjoyed the game and our time together. Although no one was rigid in our game structure, allowing a few lenient calls. As I stood outfield, I thought it should be illegal for the younger kids to ever be called “OUT”. Of course, I realize that each of us needs to learn to play by the rules and be good sports. But in the overall scheme of life, I do not ever want any of my grandchildren to feel that they are “OUT” in the game of life.

My overall belief and underlying purpose as a parent has always been to help my children build strong self esteem. Early on as a mother, I determined that if my children had good self esteem, they could handle any thing else life may hand them. School would be manageable and relationships would be strong if they first had healthy self esteem. And that is my deepest desire for my grandchildren and future posterity.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Death is Part of Our Living

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 Death is part of our living. When we lose someone who has played an important role in our lives, we are reminded of the precious gift of life, friendship and how others enhance our own life’s journey. 

We can learn empowering lessons from the good in the lives of others. Such is the case with a friend who just completed his life’s journey and left us with a wealth of lessons that will enhance our lives if we embrace these characteristics.

Let us love a little more, hug a little longer and say more kind things to those in our circle of influence.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer awareness month
Today I am the proud owner of a beautiful pink rose.

It had been too long since I took time to have a mammogram and determined I needed to schedule the procedure. When I called to make an appointment, they informed me that had an opening just an hour and a half from that time. Why not? I could have that marked off my list and wouldn’t have to think about doing it for days or weeks to come. So within ninety minutes I was in the office ready for the scan.

I shared some humor with the tech, sharing the joke about to prepare for a mammogram, all one needed to do it lie down on their side on the hard, cold cement floor of the garage and ask someone to back the car over a certain part of you then pull forward. Then repeat that same process, this time lying on your other side. Probably considered very sick humor, it got me through the appointment with a smile on my face.

One long stem pink rose and two pink nail files later, I walked out of the office with the satisfaction of caring for myself with preventative measures.

I encourage you to be smart about your health care.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Color Energy: Violet

Photos from Photos by MJ

Violet is like early dawn when everything begins anew. Grasses, flowers and human hearts arise to the song of life returning. And in the fleeting shadows, violet light dances over the spaces in between the lines of our waking consciousness where it touches our visible, knowable world with new concepts and ideas from the higher mind. In the brief moment between our dreaming and waking worlds, what we see or understand stands apart as extraordinary and different from the way we usually understand others or acquire knowledge, a kind of sudden insight or immediate knowing, a connection to spirit. Our dreams are made of such stuff, that illusory material that simply moves by and instantly disappears. But if we hold ourselves softly between the worlds, we can catch the stream of consciousness whispering from unknown realms, bring new understanding, love and even nobility to our dailylives.

Photos from Photos by MJ