Monday, September 27, 2010

Get rid of everything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.  Live a life of joy.  Share that joy with everyone you meet~

Thursday, September 23, 2010

1 woman = 1 woman
 4 women= the energy of 4 to the power of 4 women

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why "The Powder Room"?

I love the energy of women.  I love the synergy of women.  Synergy is a collective energy of a group that is far stronger when lumped together than each woman's energy alone.  Or, in other words, if the energy of one woman = 1 and you were to add ten women's energy together, it would equal far more than 10.  That, in my book, is synergy.  When women are united in purpose their collective energy or synergy is unmatched!

As I travel or even meet new women on a local level, I am always uplifted when we share anything from a simple greeting and a smile to our life's dreams.  Often I have had interesting conversations in the lounge of the ladies restrooms on breaks during seminars and meetings where enthused female partcipants visit as we reapply our lipstick or touch up our hair.  The Powder Room can be a powerful place when women with vision introduce themselves and discover interesting things about other women.

Frequently I end my talks, podcasts and videos with the tag line..."See you in the powder room."  That, to me, symbolizes women who have common goals and interests connecting in whatever way they can to inspire and encourage others along their life's path....That is my "powder room".

One of the things that has blessed my life is learning from other like minded women.  I am willing to share my successes as a wife, mother and woman and learn from others as they share their life experiences.  When I meet with some close friends to celebrate birthdays and Christmas I often ask what has helped them the most since we last met.  Sometimes I am met with one of them rolling their eyes or another sighing, which, interpreted, means to me "oh, no, not again..." but we always come away with words of encouragement or a tip that will help us survive life's storms until we meet again. 

So I ask you to share...What has helped you the most this past week or past month?  You never know who you might inspire by even the simplest ideas that you share.  Can't wait to hear your responses.

And welcome to the powder room!