Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Surrounded by excited grandchildren who invited me to share a movie with them, I enjoyed the lesson about Zing in the lives of the movie characters! In this instance, Zing was a romantic feeling.

I have created my own definition for Zing which I define as fun, filled with enthusiasm and excitement for life and a feeling of being loved and acknowledged! I determined that I want to be the kind of wife, mother, grandmother, friend and neighbor who adds ZING to the lives of everyone I meet!

Hope you will enjoy Zinging in your own way!

Monday, November 19, 2012


Photo from Photos by MJ

What if tomorrow we really did wake up to have only what we thanked God for yesterday?

For many years I have enjoyed keeping a Celebration Gratitude Journal. It is very revealing to read the posts of the 5 things that I am thankful for that day.

I operate my Gratitude Journal to my own standards.
No guilt if I don’t make daily entries.
No full sentences allowed. Single words or phrases accepted.
Entries limited to 5 expressions of gratitude.

To learn more about creating your own Celebration Gratitude Journal, visit www.CelebrateWithJoy.com.

Thursday, November 8, 2012


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Once again I have made a concentrated effort to serve at least one person daily, if even only for 17 seconds as I mentioned in the blog post Kindness Math. But what I didn’t think about is the abundance of kindness that would come back to us. We know this as Karma.

My husband is a perfectionist in his construction business. Over the last several decades I have heard comments from others about the great work he does. Recently someone in a resort village said they observed his consistent efficiency and was impressed that he didn’t waste one step in his operation throughout the day. That is my husband! Once in a while there is a kind phone message thanking him for doing such a great job. And sometimes there have been notes accompanying a payment. But recently a young couple had him do some work for them. He knew they were on a tight budget and helped them out with the costs the best he could. When they sent the check, they not only wrote a note of thanks for the great job he did in a timely manner, but said they were rounding up the bill because of the incredible results! Bless them for their kindness!

Recently I was shopping to replace my microwave oven. I had specific measurements for the new appliance in order for it to fit into shelf where our now- worn- out- microwave once was positioned. Most of the boxes of new microwaves had dimensions written on the box, but one I was most interested in did not. I asked the clerk at Customer Service if they had a tape measure I could use. He was scrambling to figure out where they could find a tape measure when a very kind customer, hearing the request, pulled a small tape measure from her purse and in passing, handed it to me, telling me to keep it. In a matter of seconds, she exited the store as I called out to thank her. Kind acts don’t talk long. Even though that happened a few weeks ago, I am still smiling at the kindness of this stranger.

Do you receive compliments well? Do you receive unexpected gifts easily? Do you accept help when it is offered? Do you accept your meal being paid for by a friend?
These are little things, but they will help you know if you are open to receiving. Remember, the Universe is moving through everyone and every circumstance to give to you. From The Secret Daily Teachings by Rhonda Byrne from The Secret

It is a lot easier to be the giver of kindness than the receiver, but these experiences stopped me in my tracks and made me realize that handing is a two way street. Kindness, like a boomerang will most certainly come back to us!