About Us

Color Connection was founded in 2000 by Susan Stucki, a seasoned image consultant, specializing in personalized wardrobe color advice, makeup artistry and toxic free skin care. With decades of experience in color analysis, Susan determined and succeeded in creating a patented color analysis system along with additional image systems and products that are individualized for each client.
These high tech image systems have taken the guess work out of dressing and eliminate "image mediocrity". Personalized wardrobe advice, harmonious cosmetics and toxic free skin care provide the tools a woman needs to look her absolute best every time she dresses. These unique tools eliminate the "daily dressing dilemma" that women face day after day. The color tools insure that male clients also dress for success.

The Products

Techno Hue:Color analysis determines an individual's most harmonious wardrobe and cosmetic colors. The colors of clothing you wear are either working for you or against you, depending on the color of your skin, hair and eyes and their harmony or lack of harmony with your wardrobe. For decades, color analysis was a subjective process with consultants making the determination of a person's coloring based on their own skills and opinion. Color Connection has revolutionized the image industry with the Signature ColorPrint™, a color palette chosen exclusively for each client. This color palette is used when shopping to determine the most flattering, harmonious clothing colors for each individual. Based on the scientific principles of color and mathematical algorithms, meshed with technology, this customized system is unlike anything offered in the marketplace...


Another feature of the Signature ColorPrint™ is a list of the client's recommended cosmetic colors based on their personal coloring. The cosmetics are superior in quality and purity, featuring mineral powder products in their purest form.

Color Connection’s 7 Step 7 Minute system guides a client through her makeup application process in minimal time, using harmonious cosmetic colors that will flatter her natural coloring and harmonize with her Signature ColorPrint™.

Dressing has never been so easy or so harmonious. It does not cost any more to purchase a color that is harmonious than a color that is not. This system provides accurate wardrobe and cosmetic advice that will enhance each client's image, insuring dressing success every time.

Skin Care:

Color Connection’s philosophy is that every woman deserves to be beautiful and every woman deserves to be healthy. With this remarkable skin care, every client regardless of age or skin type benefits without compromising their health.

After years of research and development, Color Connection has created a toxic free skin care system. Studies show that the average person is exposed to over 200 chemicals contained in his or her personal care products before leaving their bathrooms every morning. Many of those chemicals have proven to be harmful to a person’s health. With this in mind, Color Connection determined to create a skin care line that was not only effective but chemical free. The Toxic Free Foundation has certified each of the skin care products to be 100% toxic free. This claim is extremely unique.