Monday, January 7, 2013


Photo provided by Photos by MJ
F.E.A.R. can either stand for:

1. Forget Everything and Run or
2. Face Everything and Rise.

Fear can be crippling, impeding our progress and clouding our otherwise happy life. I recently discovered system that counteracts negative, fear based thoughts.

Once I became acutely aware of this new life enhancing system, I was shocked at how many times fear based thoughts entered my mind. I am on guard for thoughts that distract me from my life’s path.

 Get a little notebook and keep it handy. Whenever you experience doubt, a fear based thought or worry, jot it down.

I label that page UNTRUTHS.

 Then write two positive thoughts to counteract that negative thought.


I will never be able to ______.

I can achieve that goal (whatever you listed above).

I can am grateful that I have mastered _________ that now blesses my life.

 I challenge you to put this system into action and discover how to eliminate negative, fear based thinking and living.

Faith and fear cannot co-exist. Mastering your thoughts will propel you into constant positive thinking which control our actions, which in turn creates the quality of our lives.