Thursday, August 30, 2012

Color Energy: Blue

All Photos from Photos by MJ
As we are overlooking a beautiful blue lake on our summer vacation, it feels only right to take a deep breath and capture the energy of this magnificent color.
Blue skies above a turquoise lake with purple blue hills surrounding us create serenity. Blue brings hope, and the energy to look into ourselves for solutions as we find our own path.
Blue mends heartaches of life’s painful moments with compassion, sweet charity and love. The true nature of blue is genuine care for others as we lift a heavy heart, comfort and serve, knowing that service is the antidote for the “blues”.

And in times of discouragement, loss or regret, surround yourself with blue and let your spirit soar.
The color blue will create tranquility and inner strength for moments of discouragement, trial and regret.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer Olympics 2012

Photo provided by Photos by MJ

Like many of you, I enjoyed watching the Olympics. If only the Summer Olympics could be broadcast “live”during the winter months when life isn’t quite so busy away from home, I would be able to dedicate more time for watching the entire event.

The snippets I caught were inspiring. Watching athletes from all over the globe who have disciplined themselves to reach beyond what the average person can do, reminds us of our potential and how we can accomplish anything we want if we are determined enough. There are insights about the human spirit that are unveiled at this global event. We are reminded that our bodies can serve us in multiple ways and we can accomplish whatever we set out to master.

My take away from the events I witnessed was Gabby Douglas’ profound comment about her success as she said she sends “Glory up to God and He sends down the miracles”. I never want to forget that truth.

What was your favorite “aha moment”during the Olympics?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Color Energy: Green

All photos provided by Photos by MJ

Green stills the mind, energizes tired muscles and revives the spirits. No wonder being in nature is so healing, catching our heart with its beauty. 

The color green refreshes, renews and brings us to the present moment. As our muscles unwind, heart rhythms soften, breathing deepens, blood pressure lowers and suddenly we feel free of all that has been holding us down. 

Use green whenever you need to conquer something without effort or anxiety. 

Green represents life. 

Surround yourself with green to create balance in your life.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Photo credit- Photos by MJ

There is something about water that allows me to meditate deeply. With a background in Feng Shui, I understand that the water element is deep, peaceful and invokes mediation and introspection. Jet skiing is my all-time favorite leisure time activity. Flying across the water or just lazily floating along on my personal watercraft, I strategize, ponder and plan. My mind is filled with dreams of the future, solutions for the present and memories of the past. I enjoy nature from a lake point view, imagining all sorts of images engraved in the cliffs and mountainside. Whether it is the aquamarine blue water in Bear Lake or the deep navy blue water of Blacktail, my spirit soars when I am on the water.

Photo credit-Photos by MJ

Where do you find solace?

Photo credit-Photos by MJ