Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Color Energy: Yellow

Phot credit- Photos by MJ

When we awaken to the morning light, our minds are free and clear. Yellow sunlight has that affect on us.

Awareness, connection, intelligence, purity describe the energy of the color Yellow. Yellow smoothes away troublesome thoughts and mental confusion. New hope and possibilities appear as we surround ourselves with the color Yellow. Yellow can clear the cobwebs from the mind, dissolving troublesome thoughts and mental confusion, bringing joy out of darkness. Everything looks brighter in yellow light.

Lighten up, put the past behind and follow the path of new possibilities and happiness. For organizing thought, making clear decisions, developing new skills and living joyously, surround yourself and adorn yourself in yellow.

My mother in law taught my daughter that one always needed to add a touch of yellow in their embroidery work. Great advice! I have learned that adding a touch of yellow or a huge dose of yellow in wardrobe and décor, our most personal environment, is good for the soul. Several year ago when I was recuperating from some major health traumas, I added yellow accents to my home décor and filled my flowerbeds with yellow flowers that not only brightened my life but brought the energy of hope. Years later when I planned my interior decorating scheme for our new home, I chose a sunny yellow paint for many of my interior walls. Someone questioned me about having too much yellow. I knew that one could never have too much sunshine energy in their lives. Years later, I am surrounded by yellow energy every day, I am filled with cheer, hope and sunshine!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Color Energy: Orange

Photo Credit-Photos by MJ

The brightness of the color ORANGE is grounding and connects us to life itself. With its energy we see the world in a new light and possibilities surface where they can be remembered and realized-like opening a gift and finding our Self inside. This lighthearted, friendly color fills the distance that holds us apart from others, bringing two hearts together as one with tolerance, compassion and deeper understanding. Though we all see life’s challenges through different eyes, we are also much the same: we all yearn to be understood, appreciated and honored for who we are. Celebrate life’s diversities and oneness. Orange’s sunny nature lifts spirits, opens the heart and energizes the soul. Orange energy empowers us to “let go” of unwanted emotions.

Orange arouses warm, friendly feelings and bridges the space that separates us from others. Let the sunshine in with Orange in your life!