Monday, May 20, 2013

Senior Miss

Associating with women is on the top of the list of my favorite things to do. I welcome opportunities to speak to women and involve myself in worthwhile events and projects. Recently I served as a judge for the Ms. Idaho Senior America Pageant. Until a few months ago I was not aware that there was such a thing as a National Ms. Senior America Pageant connected to the Miss America and Mrs. America circuits. For many years I assisted with the Miss America pageant on a local level. In fact, I traveled with our committee to meet the then reigning Miss America several years ago. And now as a favor to the director of the Ms. Idaho Senior America Pageant, I found myself on the judge’s panel of a pageant created for women in an entirely new age category.

Women must be 60 years old and beyond to participate in the Ms. Idaho Senior Pageant. As I interviewed these women and enjoyed their talents as well as listening to them share their life mission on stage, I was inspired. I was impressed as I watched two of the older women women, each 78 years young, tap dance and sing. Various talents were displayed by the others. Each exuded confidence as they performed and participated in the various events. As a participant, they qualified themselves to become a member of the honored Cameo Club, a service organization, blessing the lives of others. What a worthy cause.

The women in this age category of the pageant were referred to as the Age of Elegance. And who wouldn’t like to be classified as “elegant”? I determined that I would share their message with the world that there is still plenty of life to live in the years of elegance. I admire the courage it takes for women to reach their dreams and live life to the fullest, no matter their age. My all time favorite message to the world is Celebrate Life and these women were doing just that.

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