Thursday, December 20, 2012

Be a good Receiver

Recently someone I admire a great deal shared his thoughts about being a good receiver. My mind went back to a Christmas when I was very disappointed in what Santa had left me. The little doll as not what I had wanted and hoped for. I wanted a Thumbalinadoll, that when activated, moved like a real baby. The doll Santa left me was just a plain doll. There was nothing special or unique about her.
I am not proud of my feelings on that Christmas and hope Santa forgot about it long ago. But I haven’t forgotten. Regret is not healthy. The only way this bad experience can serve me now is to learn from it and let it go. In our hustle and bustle we may forget to slow down and express adequate appreciation. I am committed to enjoying each little moment during this special time of year. Hope you are too!

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