Thursday, December 6, 2012

Precious Christmas Time

This year we will once again have the blessing of our soldier son’s visit at Christmas. Excitement mounts as I count down the days until his arrival. His one and only Christmas wish was a ticket home. Having been away for a solid year, he is not shy about expressing his excitement to come home for Christmas. And we are excited! Our whole family will be together once again. 

However, his unit is on global readiness alert. Should his unit be needed, he will have to return within 24 hours to his Army base for any emergency assignment that comes up. He is required to keep his cell phone with him at all times and to be prepared to leave at a moment’s notice. He warned of this months ago, but it wasn’t until we got “test” calls and e mails from the Army to make certain we could also be reached that I was reminded how serious this is. Of course a call like this could ruin our plans for his short visit. We are praying for no calls and an uninterrupted visit.

 One thing I can promise is that I will enjoy every single moment he is here. From the moment we welcome him at the airport to the moment we will have to send him off again, we will fill his reservoirs with love, fun and relaxation. He has served long and hard. He will be well cared for by us as parents, his adoring sisters and his fan club of nieces and nephews along with friends and extended family.

Counting the days until our soldier son arrives to share with use in celebrating this sacred time of year.

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